Use Seabird bottles with pride!

There are many non-single-use plastic drink bottle options available on the market today, and that's a positive thing.

Slowly but surely, our lifestyle habits are also changing for the better, because as the awareness of the bad consequences of consumerism and an unhealthy lifestyle on our health grows, we increasingly turn to healthy eating and sports activities that help us stay healthy - both in the body, so also in spirit. In all these processes, drinking bottles play an important role because sufficient fluid intake is of crucial importance for our health.

With the Seabird brand, we offer quality glass bottles for drinks that simultaneously contribute to reducing the use of plastic, but also to our health. Namely, as a natural material, glass is the best and most suitable packaging for storing and consuming liquids. While plastic, due to the bisphenol A compound it contains, can have a very negative effect on our health (hormonal disorders, stimulation of early puberty in girls, increased probability of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women...), glass as a completely natural material does not have these harmful effects, and at the same time, the taste of the liquid in the glass is much better than when the liquid is kept in plastic packaging.

With Seabird bottles, you convey the message that you are environmentally conscious and that you actively contribute to positive changes in society. At the same time, you encourage those around you to do the same, and together we create a community of fighters who will help achieve our vision and mission!
The symbol of our brand is a seabird that proudly flies over the sea, signifying freedom, unrestrainedness and hope. The colors of the brand are green and blue, and they symbolize our seas and oceans that we want to preserve. The letters of the brand are playful and energetic, just like our clients after consuming liquid from bottles that are not harmful to the environment and are desirable for health.

Become part of the Seabird community. #SeabirdSquad