Using our knowledge and experience, we want to motivate a joint struggle for the preservation of our seas and oceans, the reduction of plastic in the waters and the renewal of the Earth's natural resources. We see the users of "Seabird" bottles as partners on the way to raising awareness about the harmfulness of plastic in the seas and those who make a change!


By changing consumer habits and encouraging the use of glass drinking bottles, we will contribute to the reduction of plastic in the seas and oceans, as well as the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits.

Our main goal and guiding thought is to help reduce environmental problems, especially those caused by plastic in the seas and oceans. Seabird will reach this goal by achieving the following goals:

Increase the number

of users of the glass Seabird bottle that will replace disposable plastic bottles

Increase the level

of awareness about the problem of plastics in the seas and oceans

Encourage initiatives and organizations

that work in the field of removing plastic from the sea and ocean by donating part of the proceeds from the sale of bottles for their activities

Encourage environmental actions

aimed at reducing the amount of plastic in water

To positively influence changes

in consumers' lifestyles, promoting the benefits of consuming drinks from glass bottles compared to plastic bottles

Our principles

We want the Seabird brand to become synonymous with saving the seas and oceans from plastic. Through our activities, we will always encourage healthy lifestyle habits, and apart from raising public awareness of the harmfulness of plastic, we will directly contribute to the reduction of plastic in water by donating to organizations and initiatives in this area, up to 3% of the revenue from each bottle sold. We will remain responsible and transparent in our business, and we must publicly announce all our investments in actions and activities that clean the oceans of plastic.